Friday, October 31, 2008


We had a great Halloween. We started the day by going to Cameron's school. Were he had a parade and a party. Brooklynn went with me and was scared of Cameron's teachers costume. After, we went to Jadan's preschool (Grandma's) We got to see baby Colton dressed as pumpkin. So Cute! We went a visited Aunt Rhonda then headed home and did some trick or treating. I think we covered everyone in the ward. Jaxon and Savanna joined us in this fun and I loved watching little Savanna trick or treat. As we were trick or treating someone told Cameron that he was a Bird kid Cameron said "no I'm Iron Man" I had to laugh. If you asked Brooklynn and Jadan what they dressed up as Brookie would tell you a witch but it sounded like a bitch ( oops!) and Jadan would tell you a crow because he couldn't say scarecrow. We sure had a great Halloween.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Clown

At Jadan's favorite preschool they made Clown costumes which Jadan just loved. He is such a fun boy with such a fun spirit about him. He told me that he was going to be a clown for Halloween instead of a crow.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Spider Cookies

The kids and I made spider cookies- Just for fun! Cameron was so excited to make his that he didn't want to eat it. He asked me if he could eat mine instead. ( I had to let him of course!) All the kids spiders turn out cute. Cameron eating my cookie!Jadan what a ham- I used my phone to take the picture and Jadan just can't hold still so the picture didn't turn out. Oh Well! Still a cute boy!

Brooklynn with the cookie all over her. But when does she eat that the food is not all over her? What a doll I have have.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Monkey

I really wish I could keep Cameron out of the trees. When we go to Grandma and Grandpa Pitcher's house he tries to climb every tree. I think he can climb every tree. It would be ok if he would stay low but he climbs up high. I just hope the next thing I take him to the doctor for will not be a broken arm.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Red Ribbon Week

Cameron's school had red ribbon week- Say No To Drugs! He had such a fun time. Monday they had to wear red, Tuesday they got to wear Pj's to school, Wednesday they had crazy sock day, and Thursday they had crazy hair day. This was Cameron's favorite day. He made me take pictures of his hair. He said he looked like a fish. What a great school my kids get to go to.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Only one Month!

So there is only one more month until Twilight the movie comes out. I can't wait to see it. I hope they did a good job, sometime when they make a book into a movie they get it all wrong. I not sure about who they picked as Edward. When you're reading the book I think you make up the characters in your mind and my Edward is nothing like Robert Pattinson. Maybe I'm getting old but I pictured him looking a little older. My Cousin Staci had the perfect Edward picked out. If I could remember his name I would post a picture of him. So one month to go girls!

Monday, October 20, 2008

High School Tag

Not another tag!

Senior picture

I've been tagged by Kim, and yippee it is about high school. I am putting these pictures on of myself don't laugh I know I had no style then and I still don't! Kim said in her blog " Why did my mother let me out the door?" The question is why did my mom let me out the door???
1 Did you date someone from your school? No
2 What kind of car did you drive? What didn't I drive?- My first car was a white Chevy Nova loved this car but one night my best friend Tracy was driving it and it didn't live after hitting 4 other cars!

Then I bought a dark grey Ford Festiva an ok car, then when Jared went on his mission I sold my Festiva and bought his car what was I thinking! I hated this car so much I don't even remember the brand. I traded it in after 4 weeks of driving it for a teal Chevy Geo I loved this car!
3 Did you pass your driver's license test on the first try? Yes, only because the teacher didn't make me parallel park! Still can't parallel park.
4 Were you a party animal? No, my family all called me "Molly Mormon" If I went to a party and it was a sleep over I was the first asleep.
5 Were you considered a flirt? No, I was a big nerd and way to quiet to talk to boys.
6 Were you in a band, orchestra or choir? No I can't carry a tune or hear tune!!! 7 Were you a nerd? No, but very quiet and kept to myself most of the time- I only talked to my group of friends.
8 Were you on any varsity teams? No-I was way to shy to tryout!
9 Did you get suspended or expelled? No, I was an angel, never got into trouble.
10 Can you still sing the fight song? Yes, to shy to tryout for anything but my friend Lanette loved to go to the games so we all would cheer and sing. ( I know I can't sing!)
11 Who were your favorite teachers? Mr. Smith - He made me love history.
12 Where did you sit during lunch? Wendy's or in the commons area.
13 What's your school's full name? Provo High School
14 What was your mascot and colors? Bulldogs, Green, blue, & White.
15 Did you go to homecoming? The dance no, the football games yes.
16 If you could go back and do it all again, would you? No!
17 What do you remember most about graduation? I don't remember much about graduation, except I was scared to walk across the stage to get my diploma. I remember after graduation we took a senior trip to St. George and Vegas.

What was I thinking??? Sun glasses and all!

18 Where did you go on your Senior Skip Day? We didn't get one because the year before the class did something and our Principal said she was no longer letting us have a Senior skip day. If we skipped then no diploma for us.

19 Were you in any clubs? No
20 Have you gained some weight since then? Yes-don't ask how much!
21 Who was your prom date? Danny told me he would take me but I didn't want to spend the money to go. Instead a group of us girls had a No Nuts party.
22 Are you planning to go to your 10 year reunion? No- I didn't attend.
23 Did you have a job while in high school? Yes, I worked at McD's where I made some great friend and it helped me come out of my shyness a little I even meet my husband Danny there. I loved this job and stay working there until I three kids.
I put this picture in because what was I wearing?
Thanks for letting me show you how quiet I was in high school. I still had great friends and loved high school... I now tag Aimee and Loralee.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Our trip to the Red Barn

The kids and I decided that we wanted to take the Pither family to the Red Barn. So we called them and we all went to Red Barn. The kids loved the hayride, I enjoyed it because we went just as the sun was going down which made for a pretty ride. We all had fun picking a pumpkin. Cameron had a swollen face from his fight with the door so the pictures of him don't look like him but he did find the perfect pumpkin. He was looking for one that was bigger then him. I told him he could only get one that he could carry so he tried all the big ones until he could carry it. Jadan was looking for one that was cute, he found one that was cute. Brooklynn loved hunting for a pumpkin. Danny and her looked for a long time but they found one. She can still tell you which pumpkin is hers on our porch and we have 10 on the porch. Danny and I enjoyed spending time with our little pumpkins I think Heavenly Father sent the perfect pumpkins to us. The rest of the Pitcher bunch had great fun and found the perfect pumpkin for them.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cameron was Tagged

Okay, so now there's a game of kiddie tag going. Cameron was tagged, so here are 5 fun things you may or may not know about Cameron.

#1 By the time Cameron was 2 1/2 he could tell you every Thomas the Train name and color. This is how he learned his colors. He would play with the trains almost all the time when he was not playing with them he would be watching the show on TV. ( I'm glad he out grew that show!!!!)

#2 When Cameron was born the Doctor Called him a Cute Girl about 3 times finally the nurse said um Doctor Dewey I think that baby is a boy. Danny had already whispered to me that he was not a girl. I think that the doctor was very tired it had been a long night for him with several babies born. ( Tell me he looks like a girl!)

#3 Cameron is a dare devil- He loves to try new things. He scares me half the time. I think he gets that from his Dad.

#4 He can climb just about anything and loves to do it. He is all boy. He climbs my walls, door frames, anything that is up high. ( I guess this is why he just had to get his head stapled up-but he was just walking when that happened???)

#5 He is my sweet heart. He always has a jump hug for mom and tells me he loves me. I think he is mommies boy. He is so cute with his little sister. She thinks he is King of the world. He always take Jadan with him when he goes to play. He is my sweetheart and a pretty good older brother.

k so now I tag-
Chance W.
Spencer B.
KayLee H.
Lilly A.
Colton P.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Watch Out For That Door!

So I got a call on Friday morning from Cameron's school. The lady on the phone said that I might want to come to the school and get Cameron because he had cut his head.
When I got to the school I couldn't believe how bad he had cut it. The nurse said that he was on the way out to recess and tripped and hit the door. OUCH!!!!
When I got home I went to my very wonderful friends and asked if I should take him in for stitches. After a little bit we all agreed that it need to be looked at by the doctor. When I took him in and the wound was cleaned out I was glad I took him to the doctor. This is how it looked! OUCH!!!

This is the 9 Staples he got! OUCH!!! As he was getting his he numbed he told the doctor that he hated him about 10 times and to please stop your hurting me. This made me cry I hate when my baby is hurting!

This is his swollen head-OUCH!!!

This is my not so happy little boy!

I hope this will be the last time I have to take any of my kids in for staples! OUCH!!!