Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008

This year was a great Christmas. On Christmas Eve we made cookies for Santa. The hole time we were making the cookies Brooklynn kept saying "Santa coming to our home." She said it about 30 times. Danny and I just thought she was excited. We later found out that was not the case when we were up all night with her. She got up about 5 times crying and when we went in her room she told us that she was scared that Santa was going to get her. After making cookies we watched a movie together and then read the Christmas story. I love that our family is getting old enough to start making traditions. The kids went to bed and Danny and I had fun spending time together waiting for them to fall asleep. The next morning the kids got up. Poor Cameron still was sick and didn't really get to enjoy Christmas morning. He had a double ear infection. He spent most the day in bed except for when the drugs made him feel better. We got to see what Santa brought the kids. Then Had a very yummy Breakfast. At Breakfast Jadan had us all laughing. We had eggs over easy and when Jadan made the yoke come out he started crying that his egg had a hole in it. You had to be there but we laughed and laughed. After breakfast we opened presents. We let the kids play ( that includes Danny he loved Cameron's gift form Santa.) After playing we headed over to Carolyn's house where we enjoyed spending time with Danny's family. Then after that we went to Autumn's house where we got to enjoy time with my family. Lets just say we are partied out but loved spending time with our family.
On the 26th we went to Temple square to enjoy the lights. The kids favorite part of the trip was the trax ride up. My Dad's favorite part of the trip was the two flat tires on the way home with a added bounce of a ride in the tow truck! Ok that wasn't his favorite part but did it ever add to our evening. Watch out for the pot holes by Lehi!!!!
On the 27th we went Sledding with the Goldings. This was so fun. The kids loved going down the hill. We could not get Jadan to stop sledding. The min. he got up the hill, down he went again. Today is Sunday and I am taking a break from doing anything but relax. I'm thankful for this time of year when we get to spend time with family and take time to get closer to our Heavenly Father. I hope we have a wonderful 2009!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Dancing Birds!

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Baby Boy

Wow Jadan Is 4 today! He is such a special boy with a big heart. I just love him dearly. He has grown up so much this past year. He is finally talking and his sense of humor is starting to show. You think he looks just like his Daddy he also has his dad's sense of humor. He looks up to Cameron and wants to do everything he does. He loves to do draw and read books with Mommy. He loves Spiderman and Lighting McQueen. He loves to learn and go to school. He goes to Grandma's Preschool which he just loves and His other preschool is fun because he gets to ride the bus there. I love you my little brown eyed boy! Happy Birthday!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Dogs

Finally we are able to put Max to work doing what he was made to do! He is now over 100 pounds and able to pull all 3 kids with no stress. At one point we had the two boys and the two neighbor boys on and he was able to pull them. The kids love this and every time it snows they beg Danny to take them sledding with Max. We had to retired Sandee she is just getting to old to help pull. She runs in front of Max and is helping us train him better, we started last year when he was just a puppy and not big enough to do pull them on his own.
We also loved just playing in the snow when Max was tired of pulling the kids. Brooklynn was really enjoying having the boys pull her! What a little Diva!

Cameron built a cave!

We all had fun! Even I played in the snow and I really dislike being cold! I think I'm getting old!!!!!

My little helpers!

I'm so thankful for my two little helpers. They made my task of making neighbor gifts real easy. This is the first year that I have had Danny's help doing Christmas stuff. In years past he has been real busy painting. But you know that painting has slowed up just like everything else. Brooklynn was so cute helping Danny glue and laminate. I couldn't cut fast enough for her. What fun the three of us had while the boys were at school.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

The kids and I decided to make Rudolph tonight. All we needed was 3 cute kids, 6 feet, 6 hands, paper, glue, and some red glitter. With all these supplies we had a great time and made some real cute Reindeer.

Friday, December 5, 2008

My Baby Girl

So today my little girl turned 2. I can't believe that I have had this special blessing in my life for 2 years now. She is full of life. She keeps me going. Getting into my makeup and just about anything she can get her hands on. She is a very messy child but we love her for that! She loves he daddy or should I say Danny because that is what she calls him. She loves to sing who let the doggy out. She loves her brothers. She is also a little mom to every baby she sees I guess she is all girl in that area. I'm so thankful to my Heavenly Father for sending me Brooklynn 2 years ago. She is one of my greatest blessings. She has touched my life in so many ways.
Her makeup job!
Playing Mom and dad with Jadan

Messy face!

Just being Brooklynn!

singing Who let the Dogs and Grandma and Grandpa out!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Dog, a Cat and A Hamster!

On Wednesday we decide we needed to keep our kids entertain. So we went to an early movie. We went to Bolt. I wasn't to sure about seeing this because I can't stand Miley Cyrus but I like John Travolta so I was ok seeing it. I know it's only the voice of them but still Miley! I ended up loving the movie. When we got in the movie house Spencer told us we had to go all the way to the top seats. It was a good thing because Grandma spilled the popcorn and Brooklynn spilled the drink. So by the time we left it look like we had been there with 9 little kids and a Grandma. So go see Bolt it's cute.
Sorry about the picture it is with my Cell phone.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Guess

I have been tagged by Loralee and Jessica so I guess I better do this.
1. Grey's
2. Lipstick Jungle
4. Knight Rider
5. Numbers
6. ER
7. Brother's and Sister's
8. Good Things Utah

1. Los Hermanos
2. Cafe Rio
3. Brick Oven
4. Sizzler
5. Family Tree
6. Subway
7. Panda Express
8. Italian Place

1. Help Cindy with YW's Stuff
2. Played on Computer
3. Planned my enrichment meeting
4. Went to my enrichment meeting
5. Forgot that it was early out day for Cameron and wasn't home when Camille dropped him off.
6. Watched TV
7. Got a hug from all my kids
8. Made Believe blocks for my enrichment meeting

1. Twilight Movie
2. Brooklynn being potty trained
3. A clean house
4. A date with Danny
5. Brooklynn turning 2
6. Jadan turning 4
7. Losing 80lbs - I don't think this one will happen
8.James BOND movie

1. My basement finished
2. Fence case to go away
3. My upstairs to be repainted and new carpet
4. A new washer and dryer
5. A family vacation
6. A mini van
7. A chef to cook for me everyday
8.Enough money to take care of my family

any eight that want to do it!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Family Pictures

We took family pictures back in August but I'm just getting around to posting them. They turn out ok if you don't look at me!

My Little Family

Brooklynn 1, Mom 30, Dad 34, Jadan 3 , Cameron 5

My Mom and Dad boy do I love them!

The crazy Pitcher bunch!

Lets see if I can spell everyones name right and name everyone! Heather, Jared, Savanna, Jessica, Robby, Spencer, Colton, Mackenzie, Jaxon, KayLee, Nate Melaya, Grandma, Grandpa, Danny, Spencer, Olya, Autumn, Rylee, Brooklynn, CaraDee, Jadan, and Cameron.

Friday, October 31, 2008


We had a great Halloween. We started the day by going to Cameron's school. Were he had a parade and a party. Brooklynn went with me and was scared of Cameron's teachers costume. After, we went to Jadan's preschool (Grandma's) We got to see baby Colton dressed as pumpkin. So Cute! We went a visited Aunt Rhonda then headed home and did some trick or treating. I think we covered everyone in the ward. Jaxon and Savanna joined us in this fun and I loved watching little Savanna trick or treat. As we were trick or treating someone told Cameron that he was a Bird kid Cameron said "no I'm Iron Man" I had to laugh. If you asked Brooklynn and Jadan what they dressed up as Brookie would tell you a witch but it sounded like a bitch ( oops!) and Jadan would tell you a crow because he couldn't say scarecrow. We sure had a great Halloween.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Clown

At Jadan's favorite preschool they made Clown costumes which Jadan just loved. He is such a fun boy with such a fun spirit about him. He told me that he was going to be a clown for Halloween instead of a crow.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Spider Cookies

The kids and I made spider cookies- Just for fun! Cameron was so excited to make his that he didn't want to eat it. He asked me if he could eat mine instead. ( I had to let him of course!) All the kids spiders turn out cute. Cameron eating my cookie!Jadan what a ham- I used my phone to take the picture and Jadan just can't hold still so the picture didn't turn out. Oh Well! Still a cute boy!

Brooklynn with the cookie all over her. But when does she eat that the food is not all over her? What a doll I have have.