Monday, September 29, 2008

My Hero

I Really love my Mom. She is my lifesaver almost daily. She is always there for me. I know she is close to my Heavenly Father because she always know when I need her and what to say. This past year has been really hard for me and every time I turn around she is telling me it will be ok, or helping me with my kids. You name it she is there. I often wonder why I got sent down to such a special family with a wonderful Mom. I hope I can learn to be as good as a mom as she is.
So the Saturday night she asked all of us girls to go with her to Women's Conference. I'm very grateful that she did. I loved spending time with her and my little sisters ( I missed Jessica- it's not the same without her). But I needed the talks that the sisters shared in Conference . I felt the spirit so strong. I loved that President Uchtdorf reminded me that I do have talents. I know that sometimes I think that I'm not very talented compared to my family and friends. I left that night with new goals and felt better about myself.
I thankful to my Heavenly Father for my HERO MY MOM!

My Dancing B Monster

I was out buying stuff for our wards Ghouls Night Out. My kids were done by the 4th store. So I told them we would go to the dollar store and get a toy if they stayed with me and didn't touch anything. Well at the $1 store the boys got guns and Brooklynn got shoes, skirt, and wings. When we got home she but them on and started dancing. It was so cute! What a girl. When she does cute things like that how could I call her my little B Monster?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I've been Tagged by Aimee Stevenson

The Rules:-Link the Person who Tagged you- Mention rules on your blog- Tell about 6 quirks of yours- Tag 6 fellow bloggers to do the same- Leave a comment to let them know.

Quirk #1 - I hate stickers! I have a hard time buying new clothing because they have the inspected by sticker in them. I have to check them 4 or 5 times before I wear them. Same with my kids clothing. I also hate when my kids teachers send sticker home with them. I know I need to get over that one.

Quirk #2-I have a gazillion (well, almost) pairs of shoes in my closet, yet I always find myself wearing the same few pairs over and over.

Quirk #3- I can never do anything simple. I have to go the extra mile which is a huge STRESS in my life.

Quirk #4- I can't go a week without talking to my Mom or Sisters at least once. I must know what is going on with them. I have to visit my parents at least once a week most of the time more then that!

Quirk #5- I am a total worrywart. Danny thinks that I just need to relax and let things go. I worry about everything. Stupid things like a snake being in my bed.

Quirk #6- I have to take a bath at night and morning because when you sleep you sweat. Danny thinks I have a lot of Monk in me. ( You have to watch the TV show Monk to understand that.)

Now I'm going to tag the few people I know that blog- Mom, Mackenzie, Loralee, Kim, Cindy, and Jessica. I think that is everyone that I know that blogs!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mommy is Sick

So over the weekend I was sick with the stomach flu- Danny had kid duty. I walked out on them playing-I'm not sure what they were playing put they we laughing like crazy. They had pillow cases on there heads and chasing each other. I was worried they would run into a wall. Danny told me not to worry they could see. I think they were ghost! It was funny watching Danny try to entertain the kids. What A great DAD!

Trying to Cook!

So anyone that really knows me knows that I don't COOK! My poor husband and children need me to learn how. So the other night I was trying to make meatballs for dinner because Danny said he wanted them with spaghetti. I thought how hard could they be. So I started making them and Jadan said Mom I'll help you make them be yummy. So I helped him wash his hands and he helped me mix. Danny said we need a picture of this Mommy is cooking guys. Well he grabbed the camera I thought it was a cut picture of Jadan helping me cook. Did the meatballs work out????? NO! I think I know what I did wrong I'll have to try again some other time.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rain, Rain, Rain!

It was raining yesterday. I really love the rain. I walked into the front room and found my kids watching the rain. It was so cute so I snapped a picture of them. When they saw me with the camera they told me they wanted something to do.

So we played a game-then I thought lets go puddle hopping!

This is my kids puddle hopping-I joined in of course-I'm sure my neighbourhood thought I was crazy.

Brooklynn was not sure if she liked being wet

When it was time to go in a rainbow appeared

The kids showing me how wet they got!

What a fun time we had playing in the rain!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Jadan's first day back to preschool

Jadan gets to go on the bus to preschool. He thinks it is the best thing ever! I'm not so sure about it, but the school he goes 2 is helping with his speech. I can now understand him when he talks. I so proud of him.My little Danny!