Sunday, May 31, 2009

Graduation time

It was Graduation time in our family this past week. Cameron from Kindergarten and Jadan from his first year at Hidden Treasures Preschool or should I say Grandma's preschool. I'm so proud of my little boys they are growing up so fast and learning so much. Cameron can now read, do simple math, write his name, and write all his ABC's and 123's up to 10! Jadan can write his J, knows most of his colors, can count to 3 but what I most proud of with him this year is I can almost understand everything he tells me and others. Way to go boys!
Here is a slide show Cameron's Teacher made. Jadan has one from each of his preschools but they are to large of a file. I'm so thankful for the time the teachers took make these for the boys.

What a great looking Boy.

Cameron's class preforming at the graduation. Cameron hates to preform in fact instead of singing he ate his tie and yawned. I'm still a proud mom!

Getting his Diploma
Proud GrandparentsCameron and His wonderful teacher Miss Miller. We will miss her!

I'm have to admit that I'm forgot my camera for Jadan's Graduation I will post pictures later of him when Aunt Heather E-mails me a copy! Put I wanted to show you the wonderful book that Miss Carol aka Grandma made for all her preschool kids. What great love she has for them. I'm glad Jadan gets to go to Grandma's school.

Way to go boys Mom and Dad are so proud of you!

Cute Brothers

I Just love when you walk in on your kids getting along and helping each other out. These 2 are becoming such good friends. Cameron really is a great older brother he looks out for Jadan.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Jadan Did It!

So I ran over another bike. I wish I could teach my kids that they can't leave the bikes behind my car. The bike was ok but the training wheels didn't survive! I guess that meant that it was time to teach Jadan how to ride his bike without them. We started on wed and I thought this is not going to work, he is not ready, he is only 4. But Cameron and Jadan worked on it together for the next couple of days and now Jadan is a pro! Thank you Cameron for being such a great big brother and way to go Jadan!

And Brooklynn couldn't let her brother out do her so she learned how to pedal her bike this week!

Way to go my little one!