Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Jadan

My little guy turned 5 today and had his first Birthday party. We had the party at Grandma's house so we could invite his friends from preschool. He had tons of fun.
I'm so thankful that my Heavenly Father sent me this very special boy that makes me laugh everyday. He is so funny he like to say I'm so funny. His favorite things are Damwichs (sandwiches), Lighting Mcqueen, and playing on his bike. He has learned so much this year how to count to 6, all his colors, how to cut, how to write his J, and trace on a line. He is growing way to fast some times I wish you could slow them down and get to enjoy them a little longer. I love you my little brown eye toad! Happy Birthday!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Brooklynn

Wow where does the time go? My little girl turned 3 today! She is such a joy I'm so thankful Heavenly Father sent her to me. One of my favorite things she does is tell me she loves me all day wrong (long) then she gives me a hug and a kiss. It's a good thing she does that it helps me get over the times when she is not so cute! This year she started preschool at Grandmas, Her favorite color is pink, she loves her brothers, loves playing mom and dad when she can get her brothers to play, and can walk on her toes. Happy Birthday Brooklynn!