Monday, June 29, 2009

Golding Family Reunion

This past weekend we had our annual Golding Family reunion. This year they went camping up Hobble Creek. We didn't want to stay over night this year so we day camped. I liked this better because I got to have a shower every day and I was able to clean my kids up. Which was import because they got so dirty!
We had a fun spending time with my Mom's family. I love when I get to see the Goldings.
We went swimming, played games, roasted marshmallows, and just had fun catching up with each other. Brooklynn loved spending time with Kevin's family. I think Jacob and Jamie might of got tired of her because she loves her Jacob!
Here are some pictures of the crazy bunch! Sorry about the video at the end I was laughing so hard!


We got a new toy this summer and the kids wanted to sleep under it. I wasn't to sure about it but growing up we slept under the stars all the time. So I let them, but they are to young to do it without Mom or Dad. Danny said he had a bed inside so I got to sleep with them under the stars. We had a lot of fun. The next morning Cameron asked if we could do it again tonight. I said maybe in a week or so. My back could only handle one night a week.